Your excursion to Levanzo (Egadi Islands)

Excursion duration: 1 hour and 50 minutes approx

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Un'importante testimonianza dell'arte rupestre nell'isola di Levanzo

Every black coulored painting has been dated back to the final phase of the Neolithic Age, when all the agricultural and breeding techniques were well-known and very used by the whole population, and the first human groups were starting to forging metals.

The fourteen idols painted in the cave are well known not only among scientists.

Six of them, which remind a little flask or a violin, are round-shaped, with a belly and a bottle-neck in the middle and short arms. The other eight idols have got a cylindrical-shape and short arms too.

The Levanzo's idols are very similar to the stone simulacrums which referrer to the fertility cult, founded in many Neo-Eneolithic sites in the Mediterranean. The little statues founded in Creta, some Greek islands, Spain and Sardinian, are very similar to those founded in Grotta del Genovese. So in Levanzo too they practised the Creatrix Mother cult (Mother God), experienced for a very long time, since very remote phases of Palaeolithic to late Bronze Age, spreading all across Europe and partially in Asia, too. The dating of the idols in Neo-Eneolithic age is proofed also from stratigraphic data supplied by the excavations done in the fifties, that demonstrated the presence in the higher layers of the cave of ceramics wide-spread in Sicily in the late fourth millennium b. C.

In the cave there are also many roughly painted animals, with often odd shapes and the lack of movement. A tuna and a dolphin are the more ancient fish depiction known in Europe.

Stylized shapes

LThe anthropomorphic images depicted in Levanzo are very stylized. The body is almost always like a thread and the limbs are very long and fine. On opposite, in some images the volume of the body grows exponentially, and the limbs become very small.

An one and only painting in red, representing a man with a sinuous body and a wedge-shaped head, is dated back to Palaeolithic age. In fact, it's very similar t the character in the right sided character described before, so it has been dated back to the same period of the engravings.

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Art and Prehistory

The Grotta del Genovese in Levanzo, one of the most famous monuments of human art.

The Engravings

The Grotta del Genovese - Levanzo


Arrive at the Port of Trapani and take the ferry or hydrofoil. We are waiting for you in Levanzo!