Your excursion to Levanzo (Egadi Islands)

Excursion duration: 1 hour and 50 minutes approx

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10:30 - 10:45
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The smallest of the islands Egadi, full of magic, history and beauty.

A green hill that emerges from the waters of the sea opposite to Trapani is the smallest of the Egadi islands so close to the coast of Trapani that it has inspired fearless swimmers who have reached it by swimming.

Scent of thyme, mastic and populated by the Mediterranean, preserves traces of life dating back to the Mesolithic.


The island is entirely walkable and is full of small coves and beaches reached more easily by boat but also after beautiful walks through the countryside.

The refractive colors of the brightest green and blue alternate between Cala Minnola, in the depths of which it is not difficult to see archaeological finds dating back to the Punic Wars, cala Fredda, the wildest, and jagged Tramontana cove and embellished with caves and caves. On the cliffs of Capo Grosso, the historic lighthouse illuminates the coast of Trapani on one side and on the other the dolomitic Marettimo.

Levanzo appears in the Odissea as one of the fortunate landings of Ulisse and is referred to as the island of goats and, in fact, the life of this small village flows placid for centuries to the slow pace of rural activities and marinating. The illuminated village stands at the foot of a rich vegetation relief overlooking the sea with a small port.

The mildness of its waters has always created the ideal environment for tuna that, in the spring, reaching it from the north deposit their eggs in the seabed to then move to Favignana where the tonnara is set up and where the Florio built a monumental factory for the processing of this blue fish.

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Art and Prehistory

The Grotta del Genovese in Levanzo, one of the most famous monuments of human art.

The Engravings

The Grotta del Genovese - Levanzo


Arrive at the Port of Trapani and take the ferry or hydrofoil. We are waiting for you in Levanzo!