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Primitive human messages into the Grotta del Genovese ("Cave of Genovese"), prehistoric sanctuary where religion and culture take their first steps between graffiti and rock paintings of men and animals, joined in an ancestral link.


Grotta del Genovese -  Parete NE

Graffiti date back to 11-12 thousand years ago, the final phase of Palaeolithic. That was just before the sea had swallowed those parts of land that linked the Egadi islands to Sicily. The paintings date back to 5-6 thousand years ago, at the end of Neolithic, when Levanzo was already an island.


Grotta del Genovese - Ominidi

Engravings, graffiti, and paintings showing deer, cows, horses, fishes and humans: they represents a inestimable archaeological documentation besides a very much suggestive show.


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